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Getting dressed – Feet


  • do your shoelaces up
  • tie your shoelaces
  • shall I help you tie them so they don’t come undone?
  • tie a knot
  • my shoelaces have come undone
  • Velcro fastening – a shoe with a velcro fastener
  • velcro strap
  • fasten your velcro or do up a velcro
  • to fasten with velcro – “Many children’s shoes now fasten with Velcro
  • secured with velcro
  • undo the strips
  • undo the velcro to open the shoe
  • pull apart the velcro
  • zip up your coat
  • unzip your jacket
  • do up your fly? or open/close
  • your fly is open
  • put on your shoes
  • take off your shoes
  • wear your shoes
  • clean your boots
  • polish your shoes with a shoeshine

And here is a list of many types of shoes

tips how to teach your toddler to dress themselves

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