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Tanuljunk Együtt Angolul

Friends season 5 episode 24 – Exercise

on April 24, 2016


Run ________ something to encounter unexpectedly
It won’t come _________ It cannot be removed
Get __________ to work Return to work
To be mad ________ him To be angry with him
Forget all _________ it Disregard something completely
It is ___________ me I will pay for all of it
Take it __________ a sign to believe that something shows that something else is true or will happen


I decide to tell  / telling him all about it.
Let’s forget about to go / going home and celebrate our anniversary
I hate to pack /packing
Someone has to convince him to cooperate / cooperating


It is the third time she_______ (win)
I _________________________(be give) a gift.
You ______________ (even hear) the chorus yet.


Exactly like Other than
Who cares Precisely, in every respect
except I don’t mind.
There’s no way It is your decision
Besides To pay attention, to become aware of
notice Absolutely not
It is your call Moreover, in addition


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