Let's Learn English Together

Tanuljunk Együtt Angolul

on April 24, 2016


Run INTO something to encounter unexpectedly
It won’t come OFF It cannot be removed
Get BACK to work Return to work
To be mad AT him To be angry with him
Forget all ABOUT it Disregard something completely
It is ON me I will pay for all of it
Take it AS  a sign to believe that something shows that something else is true or will happen


I decide to tell  / telling him all about it.
Let’s forget about to go / going home and celebrate our anniversary
I hate to pack /packing
Someone has to convince him to cooperate / cooperating


It is the third time she has won.
have been given a gift.
You haven’t even heard the chorus yet.


Exactly like Precisely, in every respect
Who cares  I don’t mind
except Other than
There’s no way Absolutely not
Besides Moreover, in addition 
notice To pay attention, to become aware of
It is your call It is your decision


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