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Weekly roundup – 4

on December 13, 2012

Here is what happened this week on Let’s Learn English Together

Our Prize Draw (promotion)

Decemberi Nyereményjátékunk még mindig tart- sorsolás december 26-án

itt lehet jelentkezni, sok sikert mindenkinek!

Interesting scientific clips

video –  an optical illusion with Einstein and cheering the Queen up  – QI

video – are you productive? – Science ASAP

video and article – a rare cat filmed in Borneo – BBC

video – describing colours to a blind person, can you do it?

Our guest comic – funny as ever

look out for the blindspot 🙂 – Urban Commuters


Video – inventing the motor car and issuing the first license – QI

Video – the three little pigs from a different perspective – telepgraph

Picture – a paranoid turkey?

Picture – better watch out! – remember who’s watching!

Some highlights in the news –

article – RIP Sir Patric Moore – BBC

article – jedi religion is spreading – telegraph

article – hospital falls for hoax call from an Australian radio station – telegraph


And to get into the Christmas spiritMichael Buble  – full album

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