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Weekly Roundup – 8

on January 13, 2013

‘Angolódj Rá!

Itt lehet jelentkezni továbbra is, már februári dátumok is- jelentkezási lap

Urban Commuters

Our guest comic – a slight misunderstanding

If you missed any of the previous ones, you can catch them – here


Funny code tags made up of airline tags, see pictures – here

The White House explaines why they will not be spending money on building a Death Star, in response to a petition from the people – see picture – here


How would shopping work if it was like online shopping – video (2:01)

Quentin Tarantino is not a monkey, see him have a go at an interviewer- here (3:07)


A Telegraph article reviewing the portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge – here

The London Tube had turned 150 last week, read the article and 30 reasons why we just love the Tube – here

Google Doodle for the Tube’s birthday – see picture – here


Prepositions of location,  see picture – here



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