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Weekly Roundup – 7

on January 6, 2013

‘Angolódj Rá!

Itt lehet jelentkezni továbbra is, már februári dátumok is- jelentkezási lap

Urban Commuters

Our guest comic – how to stand out in a crowd


The power of punctuation

For the grammar snobs


A Twitter account that tweets compliments to friends and classmates. Watch the vide – here

Smart fabrics and other future tech – A 10 minute video and an article from the BBC – view here

Amazing facts to blow your mind – watch the video – here (2:24)

podcast – the english we speak-

The meaning of “chuffed” podcast

Drop dead gorgeous – podcast

Would you buy it if it cost an arm and a leg? – podcast


Queen Victoria and her children – read the BBC article – here

Use your smartphone as a key – ScienceDaily – read the article – here



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